Large Capacity
Fine Dust Purifier

Technology Overview

  • Development of practical daily life-friendly air purification facilities for public or large indoor space which has low air resistance, easy maintenance, and easy filter cleaning & management function using BEES Inc.’s patented string filter(patent registration number: 10-2157047)
  • Easily collects dust through condensing growth of fine dust using water
  • Wet string filter technology with high-efficiency dust collection function and low-pressure drop in air

Characteristics of the Technology

  • Suitable for large-capacity air purification since the pressure drop due to resistance is low
  • Filter unit can be used semi-permanently
  • Purifies the air with water; therefore, excellent for removing toxic gases

Research status

  • Standard elements optimized through computational analysis and code calculation
  • Laboratory-scale prototype production and testing
  • Prototype development project under progress


Person in Charge : S. H. Winny Kim (042-864-4771/