Nuclear Safety
Regulation Technology

Development of Licenses and Policy Advice for Nuclear Safety

Nuclear Safety Licensing Technology for Inspection and Safety Review

Improvement of periodic inspection system by strengthening DiD using PSA results

1. Background
2. Objective
  • Re-definition of detailed items of the current periodic inspection in a perspective of Defense-in-Depth(DiD)
  • Development of an inspection methodology based on the risk concept of Probabilistic Safety Assessment(PSA)
  • Establishment of a periodic inspection system that can be converted from deterministic inspection to accident scenario-based inspection according to major events of PSA

Current status of research on improving periodic inspection system by strengthening Did using PSA results

  • Consultation on the application of nuclear regulatory safety standards
  • Research on the improvement of the continuous operation system of NPPs
  • Development of guidelines for preparing safety analysis reports for LWR
  • Consultation with Northease Asia International Nuclear Safety Cooperation
  • Research on nuclear safety culture
  • Development of guidelines for classification of NPP materials, etc.

Development of HRA methodology in digital MCR for regulatory verification

1. Background
  • Digital Main Control Rooms(MCR) are being introduced in NPPs, starting with APR1400
  • The existing analog MCR-based Human Reliability Analysis(HRA) failed to simulate the digital environment, resulting in poor reliability results
2. Objective
  • Development of a digital MCR-based HRA methodology based on the latest cognitive engineering theory
  • Derivation of human error factors(diagnostic and performance errors) and performance impact factors caused in the digital MCR environment
  • Development of a human error database for HRA performance


Person in Charge : J. S. Thomas MOON (042-864-4785/