NPP Safety
Action Manual Development

Maintenance of the behavior manual according to the 2nd National Radiological Emergency Plan(2020~24)

  • Maintenance of the behavior manual due to the incorporation of the Ministry of the Interior and Safety for strengthening resident protection
  • Designation and operation of aid station outside the emergency planning area
  • Preparation of resident evacuation plan for the weak

Preparation of a practical manual to be operated immediately

  • Reinforcement of disaster response-ability in the event of an accident by preparing a practical manual suiting each regional characteristics
  • Preparation of behavior manual that can protect residents efficiently

Korea’s only radioactive disaster prevention research and solution developer

  • Consists of CEO, priorly engaged in a nuclear regulatory agency, and Ph.D.-level research personnel
  • Holds researchers on nuclear and disaster safety field
  • Firm network of regulators from US, Germany, France, and Japan

Research and Project Lists

  • VR multi-purpose resident participation-disaster prevention training system based on the radioactive leakage nuclear accident situation(Ministry of Trade, Industry, and Energy; MOTIE)
  • Research project on resident protection measures at Hanbit NPP emergency (Jeonnam-do Provincial Office)
  • On-side action manual maintenance project in preparation for radioactive leakage accident at Hanbit NPP(Gwangju City)
  • Collection, analysis, and derivation of on-side response experiences such as the Fukushima accident (Korea Institute of Nuclear Safety; KINS)
  • Establishment and reinforcement of private cooperation networks in the file of nuclear safety under the Northeast Asia Peace Cooperation Initiative (Sejeong Research Institute)


Person in Charge :

S. H. Winny KIM (042-864-4771/

M. H. John CHA (042-864-5290/