PSR Global Assessment
Methodology Development

IAEA SSG-25 Requires Global Assessment

  • Details stipulated in Article 38 of the Enforcement Decree of the Nuclear Safety Act and article 20 of the Enforcement Rule


  • In Korea, only 14 individual safety factors are reviewed (PSR), and Global Assessment(GA) is not implemented, which is a process of complexly reviewing the correlation between safety factors
  • The GA gradually promotes the safety of power plants by reviewing the complex effects (overlapping, omission, and mutual effects) between the current technical standards derived from individual safety factors and discovering and implementing safety promotion items

GA Procedure

  • The differences derived from individual safety factors are defined as common issues by integrating them into similar topics
  • The common issues are classified depending on their feasibility and safety promotion effect through qualitative and quantitative evaluation
  • Safety promotion matters for common issues classified as reasonable and feasible issues with great safety promotion effects(design change, procedure improvement, re-analysis) are discovered
  • The value tree is constructed by setting the basic goals necessary to achieve the ultimate goal of safe and continuous operation of the power plant and sub-goals if necessary
  • The weight of the basic goal is set through pairwise comparison by matching each common issue to the corresponding basic goal (setting the weight for each common issue)
  • Usefulness scores of common issues classified as safety promotion matters are scored through usefulness evaluation in terms of time and effectiveness
  • Priority is prioritized by multiplying the weight of each common issue by the usefulness score of the relevant safety promotion items
  • An implementation plan for safety promotion matters are established according to priorities


Person in Charge : K. K. Kenny Jee(042-864-5289/