Solar-Wind Power Plant

Eco-Friendly Solar-Wind Power Generation
using Solar Radiation Energy

Driving mechanism of Solar-Wind Power Plant

  • Air heating using solar energy ⇒ generation of rising airflow de to natural convection ⇒ Activation of turbine under the tower using the rising airflow ⇒ Electricity generation through rotating turbine

Technology development activity performances

  • Conceptual design and elemental technology development of i-WEP Tower for power generation and fresh water supply using the Solar Chimney concept (2014.6.1-2017.5.31, Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy)
  • Significantly improves energy conversion efficiency compared to the existing technology → Maximum power generation based on a radius of 500m and a height of 500m is 22Mwe
  • Completed the conceptual design of a commercial plant

Development of a commercialization model with complex functions

  • Electricity generation-air purification hybrid system aimed for entering the Chinese market.
  • Convergence landmarks such as tourism, leisure, agricultural land, and commercial districts of local governments in Korea
  • Improve power generation performance by combining it with solar power generation


Person in Charge : S. H. Winny Kim(042-864-4771/