Radiological Emergency Training System based on VR

Development Objective

Major Characteristics

  • Training system platform: Oculus quest2
  • Training target: ordinary residents, students
  • Main training contents: Basic concepts for radioactivity, acquisition of action tips in the event of an accident. Supplementation provided through evaluation after completion of training

Technology development and business performance

  • Development of a radioactive disaster prevention training system involving multi-purpose residents of virtual reality based on the situation of a radioactive leakage nuclear accident (2016, KETEP; Korea Institute of Energy Technology Evaluation and Planning)
  • Gampo High School VRETAS Field Test in Gyeongju (2017)
  • Participation in the World Atomic Energy and Radiation Expo booth (2018)
  • Hosting of the Wolseong headquarters of the nuclear power plant and the local government experience and a briefing session (2018)
  • Participation in radioactive disaster prevention experience training at Ulju-gun Office(first half of 2019, Ulju-gun Office)
  • Participation in resident introduction training at Dong-gu Office in Ulsan (second half of 2019, Dong-gu Office in Ulsan)
  • Development of VR contents for resident training for purchase-linked radioactive disaster prevention (2021, Ministry of SMEs and Startups)
  • Participation in the Daejeon Future Education Exhibition booth (2021)

RETS-VR Demonstration(PR) Video

  • 2021 Daejeon Future Education Exhibition(Click the image to view)


Person in Charge :

S. H. Winny KIM (042-864-4771/

M. H. John CHA (042-864-5290/