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No.Title of the InventionApplied/Registered CountryApp/Reg No. 
1  Printing method of 3D directed energy deposition by using arc and alloy metal powder cored wire and its apparatusRegisteredKorea 10-1614860
AppliedPCT PCT/KR2016/011792
2 Solar chimney tower and solar energy collecting apparatusRegisteredKorea 10-1634251
3 Turbine wind tunnel facility for solar chimney power plantRegisteredKorea 10-1691866
 AppliedPCT PCT/KR2017/002670
4 An exercise system for radiological emergency based on virtual realityRegisteredKorea 10-1780949
 AppliedPCT PCT/KR2017/013324
5 Helios programCopyrightKorea C-2017-012686
6 Emergency safety control system and emergency safety control device and emergency safety control method using thereofRegisteredKorea 10-1808159
7 3D printer making three dimensional artwork and thereofRegisteredKorea 10-2143879
8 Metal 3D arc printer having high deposition rate by using heterogeneous filler metalsRegisteredKorea 10-2143880
9 VR-Radiational Emergency TrAining System(VRETAS)CopyrightKorea C-2019-004231
10 Simulator system and simulation method for the public evacuation response system during a radiological emergencyRegisteredKorea 10-1955420
11 Method of manufacturing Co-60 by replacing fuel in center pin with Co-59 targetRegisteredKorea 10-1955926
12 Swing monitoring golf club apparatus and method of providing golf swing correction information using the sameRegisteredKorea 10-1970181
13Desalination apparatus and solar tower system including the same RegisteredKorea 10-2037714
14 Air cleaning tower using string filterRegisteredKorea 10-2157047
15 Solar updraft powerplant having craneRegisteredKorea 10-2094146
16 Hybrid solar updraft power plant using sunlight and solar heatRegisteredKorea 10-2094139
17 Solar updraft powerplant having air purification functionRegisteredKorea 10-2094145
18 Inspection target extraction device and method in nuclear power plantRegisteredKorea 10-2099598
19 Golf Club That Has Installed a Fixed Dynamic Center of Gravity for the Golf Swing at a Shaft Point Beneath the GripLicense
Korea 10-1032103
 U.S. 8915795B23
20 Wire arc directed energy deposition 3D printing method for forming inner core and flattening outer surfaceRegisteredKorea 10-2332533
21 Wire arc directed energy deposition 3D printing apparatus and method for surface flatteningRegisteredKorea 10-2332534
22 Wire arc directed energy deposition 3D printing apparatus for flattening outer surfaceRegisteredKorea 10-2332535

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